liveTec mobile - The smartphone docking station for shopping trolleys

The liveTec mobile docking station provides a secure and convenient way of using your smartphone in the supermarket. Mobile applications such as self-scanning and mobile payment can be easily used. 

The following liveTec models are available:

liveTec mobile pro+
The smartphone in the docking station is protected against theft by a RFID token, the smartphone battery is charged while shopping.

liveTec mobile pro
The smartphone in the docking station is protected against theft by a RFID token.

liveTec mobile eco
A purely mechanical solution to attach the smartphone to the trolley handle.

Products can be scanned even with the smartphone locked in the docking station. Information such as third party or private label adverts, store plans or special offers can be optimally displayed on the smartphone screen.

Customers collect their docking station from the liveTec mobile dispensing station.. The adaptor which locks the holder onto the shopping trolley is compatible with the systec relaXt, ergo II and Vario XT trolley handles.

Controlled release

The release of the docking station to customers is regulated by the dispensing station. Here the customers can choose the correct connector either through the touch screen or for example by scanning a bar code incorporated in a retailer app.

Smartphones with Apple Lightning, as well as Micro-USB connectors (for example Samsung, LG, Nokia etc.) can be used in the docking station. A green light indicates to the customer which docking station is authorised and ready for their use.

The liveTec mobile eco model can also be dispensed without the use of the bespoke dispensing unit for example from repositories in the entrance area. Alternatively the holder can be permanently affixed to the relaXt, VarioXT or ergo II trolley handle. 

Sturdy and flexible

The liveTec mobile holder is made out of hardwearing plastic and thanks to an aluminium telescopic frame the holder is suitable for use with virtually all current smartphones. Once locked into the docking station the smartphone is completely secure and easy to use.

The docking station can also be taken off the trolley handle and hand-held with the smartphone remaining securely locked in the holder. 

Security token

The liveTec models pro+ and pro are fitted with a RFID security token. Only this token has the unique authorisation code in order to identify and release the docking station and smartphone. Tokens from other customers are automatically barred. The integrated RFID tag in the token guarantees absolute security.


liveTec mobile models at a glance

An overview of the various functions of the liveTec models pro+, pro and eco can been seen on this page.