bagloc - Relaxed travelling

With bagloc all kind of luggage on trains can be protected against theft. The intelligent combination of a regular key lock with a coin lock guarantees a high level of security.

Due to its different cable lengths, the bagloc can be used with all conventional bag sizes and luggage rack depths. The sturdy stainless-steel cable resists 180 kg tensile force. The cassette is made of special fire-resistant plastic material, manufactured to Fire Protection Class S4, DIN 5510. 


The bagloc can be integrated into the passenger area which allows easy access and provides peace of mind. 


Once a coin is inserted, a steel cable with a cylinder lock is released. Simply wind the lock round the suitcase handle, make a secure loop by inserting the cable into the lock and securely fastening.

To remove the suitcase, undo the cylinder lock and, with the key in place, push it into the token lock. The coin will be released. We offer the bagloc for almost every currency.


Thanks to its compact dimensions W 126 mm x D 116 mm x H 49 mm, the bagloc is ideally suited for most luggage rack systems.