Vario XT - New handle with individual scope of design

Indulge your customers with this extraordinary handle. The new design of the Vario XT treats customers to a relaxed and comfortable shopping event.

Due to its clever design several extras such as a coin lock, scannerholder, cupholder or magnifying glass can be installed at a later date.

The generous advertising surface of the Vario XT is ideal for third-party advertisements or private label promotion.

The integrated antistatic function prevents a build up of static electricity thus ensuring the customer receives no unpleasant electric shocks. 


No more unpleasant static shocks. The inbuilt conductive component effectively prevents a build up of static electricity.


Different handle positions at different heights allow easy manoeuvring of the shopping trolley.


Create additional revenue sources by effectively advertising private labels or other brands on the generous advertising space on the Vario XT.


As an extra option the Vario XT comes with a built in coin lock, available for nearly all coin combinations worldwide.


The scanner, for example the Motorola Symbol MC17, can be securely placed in the integrated holder of the Vario XT.


The well designed cupholder can accomodate all kinds of cans and beakers.


Small print on packaging can be read effortlessly using our new magnifying glass which comes as an optional extra on the Variot XT. 


The magnifiying glass can only be used when the coin lock is released with a coin, thus providing better protection against vandalism. 


Simple but effective. Using the integrated clip on the Vario XT handle a shopping list can be kept securely in place leaving the customer with their hands free.