trolleymatic 2 - functional, versatile design

The trolleymatic 2 combines outstanding ergonomics with a variety of additional features. The trolleymatic 2 is equipped with the systec antistatic function to effectively prevent antistatic shocks.

Our trolleymatic 2 fits all standard shopping trolley models. 

Ergonomic upgrade

Handling is made even easier with the addition of ergosticks.


Ergonomic grip moulds ensure easy handling and control of the shopping trolley.


The inbuilt conductive strip prevents a build up of static charge in the shopping trolley. When pushing the shopping trolley, annoying electrostatic shocks are effectively prevented.


A special benefit is the prominent advertising panel of the trolleymatic 2 for private label or third-party adverts to generate additional turnover. The advertisement label can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Quick & easy

It is quick and easy to exchange the coin cassette, which keeps service costs low.


The scannerholder ensures easy handling of the Motorola scanner while keeping it securely in place. An upgrade at a later date is always possible.


Our new magnifying glass comes as an option for the trolleymatic 2. It enlarges the small print making it easy for customers to read.


The magnifiying glass can only be used when the coin lock is released with a coin, thus providing better protection against vandalism.


The coin lock of the trolleymatic 2 can be released with a coin as well as the special systec KeyCard.


The double sided advertising space makes the KeyCard the perfect advertising media.

The lock function can be utilized with coin only, a combination of coin and KeyCard or KeyCard only.

As an option the KeyCard can be equipped with a barcode or a serial number.